Friday, March 04, 2005

What's annoying me today is...

Law & Order: Trial by Jury. I watched this last night solely out of respect for Jerry Orbach. The poor guy looked tired; I wish Dick Wolf would have let him rest in the last days of his life instead of involving him in this.
Anyway, the show was terrible. Focusing on the jurors couldn't be less interesting; this gimmick is destined to fail. The only success that Dick Wolf has had from Law & Order spin-offs is Special Victims Unit, which works only because it is an almost exact copy of the original.
Speaking of exact copies of the original, the theme song for Trial by Jury was the original theme song re-recorded through a filter on a construction site with an extra guitar. Pathetic.

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Anonymous said...

Just found (and read) your blog today.
Thanks for the smiles.