Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Dear Julie from Real World:

I hate you. You are an embarrassment to our people. Every time you are on TV a thousand more people get the wrong idea about our church.
They probably think we are all a bunch of humorless puritans with zero self-awareness, just like you.
Don't you see how hysterical it is when you complain on TV that "none of these people here have any kind of morals"? Is urinating on someone's bed moral? It is sad you are not smart enough to see that people can be moral even when they are drinking.
Please get eliminated soon from The Inferno II, as I am tempted to kick in my television screen when you are on it.


Anonymous said...

Hate is a pretty strong word, don't ya think?

Roxy said...

You are being worse than Julie, she is being herself, and you are hating people? What kind of a mormon are you? She is out there living a life, she is not doing anything to embarass herself, or degrade herself. God made her and loves her, and that is what she should care about, not what you say. If you don't like her than don't watch the show, it seems you are intreged by her more than put off by her. Tell yourself the truth.

NFlanders said...

Well, Roxy, I guess we have different ideas of what constitutes embarrassing yourself. She is out there, on TV, making a fool out of herself by trying to act spiritually superior. It embarrasses me and offends me.

And if you knew me better, you'd know that hating people is totally being myself.