Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New Blog on the Block...

If you haven't already checked out the new blog Main Street Plaza, I suggest that you do. Hellmut has spearheaded the whole thing with help from various people around the DAMU. As the blog states, it's for anyone interested in Mormonism. I have my doubts about much participation there will be by believers, but the point is that everyone is welcome. It is my impression that the blog will deal mostly with the cultural implications of Mormonism, and not so much the doctrinal or religious components.

There's already a great discussion going on here about baptism as a social rite and whether "post-Mormons" can have their kids baptized without being marginalized.

I think it's encouraging that the disaffected side of the Mormon internet is gaining more and more blogs. Although I love the freedom of message boards, their impact seems to be more limited than the potential audience of blogs. Internet searches can bring up old (but still informative) blog posts, but they won't find an equally enlightening message board discussion of the exact same subject. Also, blogs can handle larger numbers of readers and they encourage the formation of even more blogs.

While I don't think the DAMU needs to form its own wing of the bloggernacle (as the two communities are fundamentally different), I do think blogs are the way of the future.