Monday, March 07, 2005

Stuff to think about...

Following a string of links from trap, no trap (the first blog to link to me, yay) I came across The View From the Foyer, a bulletin board for Mormons on the Edge. It sounded like it was right up my alley, not as extreme as New Order Mormons, but not as button-down as the rest of the bloggernacle. Unfortunately, it wasn't (right up my alley, that is).
One thread was about one couple's heroic decision to get released from their callings. Meh. I mean, if you don't like church, just stop going. One person even made this brilliant comment: "Of course the first counselor was stunned, his mind is programmed to obeying and here you are actually telling (not asking) him to release you of you callings!" You're, like, totally blowing his mind by not drinking the Kool-Aid! People over there act like they are getting out of a cult.
Maybe I am just uncomfortable with people who believe less than I do and take comfort in those who believe the same or more. Maybe that's why I hang out at Times and Seasons and Millennial Star all day; maybe I draw comfort from their belief even if I don't totally share it. But I enjoy sites like By Common Consent and trap, no trap better. Maybe because they are closer to my own belief system? Who knows?


J. Stapley said...

Interesting blog. More than anything, the 'nacle is a community. Why we connect to others is a fascinating inquiry.

You do however share the same web design as Jeff Lindsay:

May your simply a closet appologetic ;)

NFlanders said...

Thanks j. stapley. Maybe you are right, and subliminally I am just waiting to merge my page into Jeff's.

P.S. You get a prize for being the first commentator.

m said...

fyi, i found your blog through a link from trap, no trap.

i post a lot at the foyer and can tell you that you've got it wrong, it's more extreme than new order mormons. there is a lot of crossover on the two boards, but NOM is mostly for people who are trying to find some middle ground, where they can participate in the church while harboring major doubts or outright disbelief.

the foyer is a fun place, although pretty much everyone there is a complete disbeliever and is struggling w/ how to disengage from something that was such a huge part of their lives. most of them have spouses or other family members that are heavily into the church, and thus feel like they need a place to vent and find suppot from like-minded individuals.

i know that from you're perspective you're thinking "hey, if they don't like it they're free to leave at any time." what a lot of people don't realize is that losing your faith can be quite traumatic, especially if you've been in the church your whole life and you really don't have a personal identity outside of it.

m said...

you said:
Maybe I am just uncomfortable with people who believe less than I do and take comfort in those who believe the same or more.

what is it about those that believe less than you that causes you discomfort? not trying to be antagonistic at all, but am just curious.

NFlanders said...

Thanks for straightening me out, M. It was my own fault that I didn't understand which board was which, and I was a little surprised at some of the hostility in there.
I totally agree that having a spouse heavily involved in the church would complicate things. I didn't really think about that since the thread I linked to was a couple trying to leave together.
As for what makes me uncomfortable about people who believe less than I do, perhaps I am scared that that is where I am heading. Another possibility is that I secretly think angry ex-Mormons should just forget about everything Mormon and move on with their lives. Which would be hypocritical of me since I am a Jack Mormon but can't seem to leave it behind.