Thursday, March 10, 2005

There's more to life than books, you know...

but not much more.
Thinking about my previous post about reading everything I can before dying, I got to wondering whether we will be able to read in the spirit world. Will there be spiritual books (since physical pages will be pesky to turn) or will these be confined to the standard works? Can people read the scriptures in Spirit Prison or do they have to rely on an verbal recitation?
If we are still hanging around this world, can we read over living people's shoulders? I guess that would be my version of hell, trying to keep up with a fast reader turning the pages before I could finish them. Even worse would be to almost finish a really good book, and then have the reader give up on it. It could be millennia before you could find someone reading that same book again.
Moral of the story: never give up on a book right before the end; you never know who else is trying to read.


m said...

all i can say is that having nothing to read but the standard works would be spirit prison to me.

NFlanders said...

I could live with just the old testament for a year or two, then I would start getting antsy.