Wednesday, March 23, 2005

All is Vanity

Some readers of this blog may be aware of my hate for vanity license plates. I think the name in this case is very telling. It isn't vain to pay a little extra each year for a special plate, but it is vain to think that you can come up with something clever enough that won't make me slap my forehead and gnash my teeth.
Aren't these people embarrassed to have such lame license plates?
This weekend a former police officer was car-jacked in the DC Metro area. (I don't know how it turned out because the Washington Post is sub-Deseret News bad.) Anyway, on the nightly news they told viewers to be on the look out for a car with the following license plate:
A plate with certainly more than one possible interpretation.


m said...

i've never been able to understand vanity plates myself. there are times when i've been glad that i didn't have an easy to remember plate #, if you know what i mean.

NFlanders said...

Good point. You cut someone off in traffic and the next time they see your car in the parking lot, you're going to get it.
I think the plates with the deliberately hard to remember numbers are also counter-productive. Only so many plates look like this: I1I111I.