Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Church Lite

A couple weeks ago, Kim Siever made a comment over on this thread at Nine Moons that the Sunday meeting should only be an hour, with no Priesthood, Relief Society or Sunday School. I don't know if he was joking or not, but it strikes me as a great idea.
If no one had any teaching responsibilities, we could get much better speakers for the sacrament meeting. No more interminable youth talks, reading straight from the Ensign, and no more High Councilmen stretching to fill the extra time with extemporaneous blather. If we really want new people to join, we should work on making the sacrament meeting a bit more professional.
Since right now we have three hours to fill every week, no one is in a hurry, and no one cares much about punctuality. If we make it a snappy hour-long meeting, people should be more prompt.
I would be much more likely to attend this theoretical meeting. Let's trim the fat and move Primary back to the weekdays where it belongs.
As it stands now, Church reminds me too much of this episode of the Simpsons:

Marge: Hey, calm down. You're wrinkling your church clothes.
Homer: Who cares? This is the best part of the week.
Lisa: It's the longest possible time before more church!
Marge: Church shouldn't be a chore; it should help you in your daily life.
Homer: It should but it doesn't. Now, who's going with Daddy to the dump?


m said...

right now i'm on the zero hour block, but for those of you out there who still have to trudge through it i do hope for your sake that they shorten it. i always hear rumors of the church going to a 2 hour block, but i wouldn't hold out hope.

NFlanders said...

I am also on the zero-hour plan, but I feel I could do with the odd hour here and there.
I don't want the entanglement of a whole three-hour block and the socializing.

Anonymous said...

Bugger all, if more cool people came to church, then there would be many cool people at church, instead of less cool people at church and we could get like a critical mass of cool people and that would be cool.