Thursday, March 17, 2005

Old Disorder Mormon?

I am excited. After months of searching, I think I've finally figured out what I am: the exact opposite of a New Order Mormon. New Order Mormons choose to remain connected to the Church for family or social reasons despite not really believing in it.
In contrast, I remain separated from the Church while still retaining a fluctuating level of belief. Maybe I should start my own group: Inactives with Complicated Issues Regarding Certain Beliefs But Not Others. ICIRCBBNO just isn't a catchy acronym though.


m said...

i think your type is referred to as jack mormon.

NFlanders said...

Are you saying Jack Mormon is more catchy than ICIRCBBNO?
Foiled again.

m said...

ICIRCBBNO is rather catchy. naw, usually when i've heard people refer to someone as jack mormon they are talking about someone who may be completely inactive and doesn't outwardly appear to be mormon, but deep down they still hold onto at least some belief in it, and will defend it when others bad mouth it.