Friday, March 18, 2005

Let's all be inactive together

Kim over at Our Thoughts posts about how he has lost contact with all the people he taught on his mission. I haven't contacted any of the people I baptized since the mission either. I would like to, but a lot don't have regular mail addresses and I'd have to dig through my old mission stuff (which is currently half-way across the country) to even find the contact information.
However, I have another problem. I'm inactive. I haven't gone to church in six years. This may not come up in a conversation, but what if it does? I'm not going to lie to people I respect and love, but it probably wouldn't help their testimonies if they found out the missionary who taught them doesn't even go to church.
I guess it might seem weird that I want them to be more active than I am. But at least I won't be crushed like some missionaries if I find out they have disappeared from the church. Just because you don't go doesn't mean you don't care. I should know.

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