Monday, June 26, 2006

Scary new project

My husband and I are sort of reading the Doctrine and Covenants together. It was my idea. Unlike the Book of Mormon, I don't have any issues with the D&C. I think I can read it at face value. Reading with my husband may help me to have some insights I might overlook if I were to read it on my own. He respects my ideas, he has my best interests at heart, and I am usually on my best behavior with him. I think those are ingredients for an interesting, perhaps uplifting dialogue.

I probably won't be blogging too much about this. I am going to do some writing, but I will keep it private until I'm either done, or I quit. At least, that's my plan. However, I expect that my thoughts and concerns and inspirations and despirations about reading the Doctrine and Covenants will be varied and disconnected. So, if I feel the need to blog about the project, it will probably be the process rather than the content.

I plan to read hopefully, and with an open mind.


Rusty said...

Hopefully you'll post it all when you're done :)

Beijing said...

I don't have any issues with the D&C.

I do, and I'll be surprised if you don't have issues reading Section 132 at face value. But I do sincerely wish you the best. Section 121 is good.

Ann said...

Well, we just read sections 2 & 3, so we're not exactly going at breakneck speed. On the other hand, we are going chronologically, so 132 is WAAAAAAY in the beginning, as if to...provide cover for something that happened at the time.

Open mind. Open mind.

In any case, I do not feel obligated to interpret what I read in a correlated way.

annegb said...

Actually I think the D&C is boring, mostly. Maybe even all of it, but I haven't read it for awhile. I only read it out of obedience and don't pay it too much mind.

Anonymous said...

Ann, your post mentions studying the scriptures with hubby. Is hubby still a TBM? Does hubby know that you are wavering in your beliefs? How has this affected your marriage?

Ann said...

My husband is still very much a believer. He knows of my current faith state. Our marriage is really good.

I talked about this subject in some detail in my podcast on mormonstories.

annegb, I'm trying to get a sense again of what Joseph was doing, and/or what God was doing through Joseph. I think the best way to do that is the D&C. That you read out of obedience is interesting to me. I would be more likely to play Collapse for hours on end than to read something I find boring out of obedience.

What do you think of the Book of Mormon? Do you think it's interesting? I just can't bear to read it any more, which is why I'm reading the D&C instead.

annegb said...

Well, the Book of Mormon has some plot lines. I feel a spirit come when I read the Book of Mormon. A good spirit. Even when all I'm doing is reading words. Every time.

But I read a lot of things because I think I should. I'm usually working on several books. I read the Ensign from cover to cover, even the boring parts. I try to always read a book that will improve me, like now I'm reading a book which has the talks from 2004 Women's Conference.

I make myself do that. Then I go on to junk reading, like People magazine and Dean Koontz.

It's a slapdash approach, but I find good stuff, too.