Tuesday, April 12, 2005

How to comment pseudonymously on Blogger

I have no problem with people posting comments anonymously (indeed, I probably wouldn't get any comments otherwise), but things like this thread are getting out of control. You can post anonymously on Blogger by selecting "Other" and you can put any name you'd like. You do not, I repeat, DO NOT have to put an email address. If you'd just give yourself a letter or number or even a character, we could keep who is saying what straight.


Rusty said...

...bunch a weenies!

NFlanders said...

I don't mind anonymity. I blog (hopefully) anonymously. I just like to be able to distinguish between anonymous commentators.

Anonymous said...

Considering the language and some of the material on my weblog, I'm not surprised that people comment anonymously. Around the bloggernacle I comment under anonymous, though I very rarely comment-- once I hit 10 comments, I'm stopping. I'm out. I think this is number 5.

I've been meaning to update some things on my weblog and when I do, I'll get rid of the anonymous option and require a fake name and fake email address, just for you.

--the angry mormon

NFlanders said...

See how easy it is people?
Agnot, I am honored you decided to spend one of your few comments here.

So are you going to require fake names and disallow real names and real emails? That would be cool; you'd have to adopt a new persona just for your site.
On second thought, don't answer that question. You need to save those comments up.