Monday, July 17, 2006

One of the many reasons I love my wife...

Maude and I were watching the World Cup on TV when Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" started playing over the loudspeakers at the stadium.

"It's sad, but you know what I think of every time I hear this song?" I asked Maude.

She replied, "Die Hard?"

It's important to point out that I haven't watched Die Hard in ten years, and I certainly can't remember ever watching it with Maude. Sometimes it's scary how we know exactly what the other is thinking.

Maybe we need to start hanging out with other people.


Hellmut said...

While I know the Ode to Joy I have never seen Die Hard. I guess it's a good thing that I am not your spouse, Ned. :)

Paul Mortensen said...

For me it's Mozart's Requiem and X2 (the opening sequence is set to the movement titled Dies Ire). Just saw the most recent Pirates movie and there are more than a few sound track sequences that rip off motifs from Carl Orf's Carmina Burana.

Enochville said...

Maude and you ought to start chatting with the NOM's and Foyerites in the Nom chatroom every evening around 9 or 9:30pm Central Daylight Time or later if you are up for it. My DW and I have been doing it and it feels like we are having a party at someone's house.

NFlanders said...

I guess we weren't made for each other, Hellmut. I don't know if you'd like Die Hard either. Apparently, when they dubbed the film into German, they turned the East German terrorists into British ones.

Paul-- I've only seen X2 once, so I don't think I'll have that problem. I really hate it when commercials and movies appropriate public domain music and ruin it. Especially bad is opera.

Enochville-- Actually, Maude isn't Mormon so she's never been on any of these sites.

annegb said...

When Bill and I are out in public, sometimes I will say to him, "See that guy over there?"

And he will look at the guy and ask, "serial killer?"

And I say, "yup."

I think I can spot the serial killers in a crowd and he humors me with it.

C.L. Hanson said...

That's so funny!!!

I read a very similar story on my brother's blog just today, here.

NFlanders said...

AnneGB-- That is too funny. I can totally see you and Bill at the mall, spotting serial killers.

CLHanson-- That is freaky. I guess it's not just me and my wife who share telepathic powers.

Anonymous said...

You know how Pres. Hinckley and his wife have (had I guess...) the exact same face (except she had a perm)?

That's your future there bucko.

Seth R.

NFlanders said...

Seth-- Ha!