Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Church in my Dreams

When I dream about church stuff, it almost never bears any resemblance to the church in real life. For example:

Last night, I dreamed that DH and I were in charge of a big ward activity, so they direct deposited $10,000 into our checking account, in advance, to cover our expenses. Alas, I did not also dream that they said, "Keep the change."

As part of the same dream, the closing song in Relief Society was "California, Here I Come."


RoastedTomatoes said...

It's true; the promised land is indeed California.

Stephen said...

But where in California?

Anonymous said...

I saw a Utah political cartoon from the 1980s that has a small family staring up at

"This is the Place Monument."

Right next to it, is another pedestal with a compact car on top labeled

"I Think I'll Take that Job in California Monument"

TexasGuy said...


Caly, really? Everyone I talk to in Texas, says Texas.:)

RoastedTomatoes said...

TexasGuy, that's what Lyman Wight thought, too. (Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, by contrast, favored "Upper California.") But, really, the Texans know not of what they speak. I can bear my personal witness of the goodness of California... :)