Thursday, February 16, 2006

It's alive!

As all of you probably know, I also blog over at Various Stages of Mormondom. (That name always bothers me; it really should be Various Stages of Mormonism. "Mormondom" connotes a physical location to me, not a religion.)

What you may not know is that we've finally got the blog back up and running after a month or two of dormancy. Our experiment with not having assigned days was, as Geoff J prophesied, a disaster. No one posted anything, and the longer no one posted, the better the next post would have to be, and it looped into a vicious cycle.

Well, we've gone back to assigned days but have made the assigned topics much more vague. I think VSOM had already gone through all of the Mormon hot topics anyway. Anyway, my new posting day is Thursday, so you can look for my posts over there each Thursday morning. (But stick around for the other days, because they are all great bloggers over there.)

Here is my first post for the newly resurrected VSOM: Ned's Wager.

I sincerely hope I won't offend anyone with that post (though I can certainly see how it might be viewed as provocative). My intention is explore my new world and see how it's changed without Mormonism or religion in it. If you have any comments on the post, please leave them over at VSOM.

Anyway, I have to promote my VSOM post on my website, in Box 3 of the Mormon Archipelago, because Kim Siever is determined to bury everything in Box 4 under an avalanche of Canadian Olympic news. Hey Kim, we all have access to Internet. If I want Canadian sports headlines, I'll go to the CBC. God help you if you bury my post under curling news, Siever!


Eddie said...

Yo Ned.

Glad to see VSoM is back in action. I'm even more glad to see that the hideous template y'all went to has now been changed to something that doesn't cause the eyes to strain.

Sarah Marinara said...

I will have you know that when I origionally named us in an email it was "Mormonism" but somehow got changed when the website was created by our webmaster. It's bothered me too.

Happy to have everyone back writing though!

NFlanders said...

Eddie! Speaking of things coming back from the dead. Good to see you around.

NFlanders said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that bothers. I accidently type "Mormonism" every time.

Kim Siever said...

Actually VNF, I have no determination whatsoever to bury anything in the MA (and technically, I am in box 4). We are simply posting items and they are caught up in our RSS feed, which MA uses to populate their boxes. We don't limit posts in order to appease MA users.

That being said, I am surprised you are single out OT. There are certainly other blogs that posts large amounts of posts that appear in their respective boxes.

That being said, and to show I am not dusting off the Bloggernacle community (not that the community is defined by the MA), I am researching a way to create a custom RSS feed for MA that does not include the sideblog posts.

NFlanders said...

Kim-- I was teasing. I went to your website yesterday and belatedly realized that all the Olympic posts were coming from your sideblog. You can't tell that if you visit directly from the Archipelago (which I had been doing).

Anyway, I agree that there should be a way to keep the sideblog posts from coming up in Box 4 (since they can bury someone else's post pretty quickly).

As for singling you out, you are correct. "LDS and Mormon Blogs" is a much worse offender.

Kim Siever said...

"technically, I am in box 4"

Never mind on that point. I get what you were trying to say now.

Kim Siever said...

I know you were just teasing, NF. Others aren't, howver, and I just wanted to make my side fo the issue clear. I'm not against controversy, howver. After all, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

annegb said...

So, uh, when you coming back?

NFlanders said...

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I posted. My job hunt suddenly heated up. I will have a post about that this weekend.

Thanks for noticing, Anne. You are the best commenter ever.

Stephen said...

I was curious about when you were coming back too.

Glad you've got a job ;)

Stephen said...

Ouch, I thought you meant that you had found a job when you said your search had heated up.


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