Sunday, November 27, 2005

Ned in the city

Though I had to endure another miserable holiday at the in-laws, trying to sleep on a sofa-bed with a bar in the back and a noisy cat mewling through the night, my Thanksgiving went surprisingly well. Unlike everyone else in the bloggernacle (it seems), I have no connection to any of the participants in our little community and had never met any before this weekend. Thanks to Steve Evan's gracious hosting, I met a raft of honest to goodness 'nacle celebrities at the bloggernacle soiree at his apartment on Friday night. I caught a train into the city and escaped my in-laws for an evening at least.

Everyone at Steve's was extremely nice. While it was odd to see people attempt to karaoke without the aid of alcohol, it just goes to show how fearless we Mormons are in the face of adversity. It was great to finally be able to put a face to such illustrious 'nacle names as Elisabeth and Kris. Plus, now when I read everyone's posts I will hear their real voice in my head. Ronan's comments in particular will sound even better with an authentic English accent.

The only sour spot in the whole experience was the fact that I left my Fall issue of Dialogue on the train ($10 down the drain). Perhaps a MetroNorth employee will find it and convert after reading 74 pages on early Mormon polygamists. Now that's a conversion story! Consider them inoculated against future anti-Mormon literature.

Thank you again, Steve. If I had an apartment that nice, rest assured I would never invite anyone like me over (or Rusty, since he seems to drop food a lot).


Ronan said...

Hey R..., I mean Ned.

Good to see that you do not, in fact, have yellow skin.

You overhype the karaoke, alas. Only Elisabeth and KHH showed any enthusiasm, and I know why they kept reaching for the top cupboard in the kitchen.

Oh, and maybe you had already gone, but I confessed to not actually being from England. The accent is fake. I'm from Louisville, Kentucky (pronounced Loo-vul).

Susan M said...

You didn't make everyone call you Ned? I would have.

Elisabeth said...

Unfortunately, I WAS sober during our karaoke performance, because I can remember every gory detail -including the fact that "Holding Out for a Hero" is a lot harder to sing than I thought. Thank goodness the microphones didn't work.

Ned, it was wonderful to meet you! Hope to see you again soon.

Kurt said...

So, did DKL show up for this shindig?

NFlanders said...

Ronan has obviously forgot the first rule of Ned Club. And the second as well. He doesn't mention it here, but he was the one at the party who insisted on calling me Ned. And Elisabeth said I looked like Ned. Unfortunately, if I was going for the Simpson's character I most resemble, I would be posting as Milhouse Van Houten, but it just doesn't have the same ring to it as Flanders.

Elisabeth-- The karaoke was surpringly good. I know that Kevin Bacon would approve of your rendition of "Hero."

Ronan, I don't doubt there was some liquid courage stored on the top shelf (vanilla extract, maybe?)but don't think I didn't see you filling up on some Frosty Jack's.

Kurt-- Sadly, no. Everyone always says what a nice guy he is in person, but I didn't have an opportunity to find out. Perhaps he was afraid that Rusty would let someone compare him to Hitler.

Ann said...

Ronan, it's LOO-uh-vul. Yeesh, man, if you're going to make fun of local pronunciations, at least be accurate.

kris said...

Ned, I really enjoyed meeting you! I'm glad you were there. I also think that Kristine and Elisabeth should take their show on the road :)

Ronan said...

Busted! I believe that Kristine taught me about Loo-vul. Clearly she hasn't a clue what she's talking about.