Thursday, September 08, 2005

Fondue with the Tanners

It always depresses me when the bloggernacle stoops to petty (and seemingly interminable) back-and-forths like this recent M* thread. But at least Kaimi's links finally revealed to me the origin of the fondue story: this comment. I'm sure everyone already knew this, but I've been wondering about the origin for months. I finally get to be in on the joke!


Steve said...

Is it just me, or do most of those petty back-and-forths take place at M*? I'm just sayin'.

Susan M said...

The Internet rules.

Anonymous said...

Not to name any names, but for the most part it's a just a few bad apples, as they say. With stuff of this nature a little bickering is going to happen, but these bad apples almost can't write a word without seriously claiming some sort of moral high ground, and then the fun begins.

My own writing isn't the friendliest, but most of my critics have been friendly, so much so that it almost doesn't seem like criticism. Ethesis Stephen has been the most critical of what I have written, but he also has been incredibly nice about it.

-The Angry M

Clark Goble said...

We just aren't quite as quick to ban people. More freedom of press I guess. :-)

RoastedTomatoes said...

Yeah, I think that removing about 5 people's internet privileges would remove 90% of these discussions. On the other hand, I'm glad that these kinds of people have an outlet. (And I hope I'm not one myself--you never can tell, after all.)

Kurt said...

Hey now, youre a rockstar, get your game on, GO!

Steve, yes "most of those" occur at M* if you ignore all of those not at M*, like the ones occuring at bcc. Another tongue in cheek comment, or is it tinged with bitterness?

Agnot, the Angry Mormon, your writing is offensive, and your selective misrepresentation is even more offensive. Deleting my comments and then lying about what you have deleted is pure bull. Being one of the bad apples you are loathe to name, but not loathe to anonymously insult, I'll out myself and say that I am glad to be a bad apple in your book. And if you werent referring to me, then please add me.

Clark, freedom of the press to all those who post anonymously or are part of the old-timer clique. Commands to not post and seletive deletions to any who do not toe the line or ingratiate themselves with the moderators. Yup. Ben can post links to junk, but dont point out its junk.

Roasted Tomatoes, aside from total cranks, the problem isnt five people's internet privileges, its the lousy moderation of the blogs. When people selectively moderate in a grossly unfair fashion, you get the problems. M*, bcc, Agnot, and almost all the rest (with few notable exceptions) play games in who they allow to do what. Look at the thread Ned here headlined with, there Ms. Spackman told me to stop posting while various other people, anonymous and not so anonymous, made substanceless personal attacks with impunity. Thats total bullcrap. Evans did the same thing to me on bcc while Steve FSF publicly masturbated, censuring me all the way, and I got banned for pointing out theyre a bunch of left-wing axe-grinders. What nonsense! This isnt about five people's internet privileges, its about the egos of the people who run these blogs, big or small. And thats it: "Its my sanbox, so dont you come in here and point out its full of cat poo. Go away! Wah!"