Monday, August 01, 2005

NY Times article on Mormon cinema

I haven't seen anything in the bloggernacle about the New York Times Sunday Magazine article about Mormon cinema so I thought I would link to it (registration required, lamentably).

I'm not a fan of most Mormon-themed movies, but a comedy about church basketball sounds hilarious. It's too bad the title "Murderball" was already taken. On one hand, "Church Ball" will star Fred Willard. This can only be good news. One the other, it will also feature Gary Coleman. It could be a wash.


Rusty said...

Fred Willard is awesome. I will definitely see this one. Plus, I played a lot of church ball so a lot of it will probably ring true. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of cinema - I just saw the Simpsons' episode of Marge starring in the musical version of A Streetcar Named Desire, and I'm wondering if you are as ripped in real life as Ned Flanders.

NFlanders said...

Can't you hear me yella?


To answer your question, yes. Absolutely ripped.

drama mama said...

My husband has a shirt that says..

Church Basketball...The Brawl That Begins With Prayer

I've watched some games...brutal!

NFlanders said...

In my ward growing up, one of the dads got banned from the priests basketball games after verbally abusing the (volunteer) referees and getting into fights with the other dads. He was a real classy guy.