Friday, May 06, 2005

The New Missionary Discussions

I've missed a lot of Church News over the past six years or so. I hadn't heard about the Palmyra or Nauvoo temples until fairly recently, and I got to tour the New York Manhattan Temple almost by accident. One of the major changes I've heard references to in the Bloggernacle is the revamping of the missionary discussions. Although I've looked online, I can't find a summary of the changes or what the discussions are like now. Can anyone enlighten me?

Are there still specific points where the commitments to observe the Sabbath/obey the Word of Wisdom/etc. are made? Is there still a memorized text?

I certainly won't mourn the passing of the sixth discussion (the most pointless of all discussions) but I would be interested how the church is organizing the missionary presentation nowadays and if people think it is better or worse than before.


Capt Jack said...

This link to the discussions was working as of yesterday:

Capt Jack said...

For some reason that didn't take.


NFlanders said...

Thanks, Capt. Jack.
I haven't finished reading the whole thing, but it seems much less regimented than the original discussions.

I wonder what percentage of discussions taught are the short versions? Probably >85%. That might be a good thing, as I often felt I was talking at people, instead of actually teaching them.

Jeff Phillips said...

Does anybody have the Preach My Gospel PDF file? It appears to have been removed from the site for some reason. If someone could e-mail it to me I'd appreciate it greatly!