Tuesday, April 04, 2006

recent fetishes/obsessions

here's what i'm into lately.
  1. explosions in the sky...they did most of the soundtrack for friday night lights, which was a surpisingly good movie. man, i love billy bob.

  2. my harmony remote control (believe me, they're wicked awesome)

  3. netflix (i know i'm late to the party)

  4. lost (an ongoing obsession of mine--the theory thrown around over on kulturblog that locke's dad is the original sawyer blew my mind!)

  5. splinter cell

  6. the housing bubble blog

  7. urban dictionary

i'm starting to overdo some of the above, so i'm looking for suggestions on new things to obsess myself with. any ideas?


Susan M said...

Post Secret

Hellmut said...

The housing bubble blog is great.

And I love Lost, too. The original Sawyer theory is intriguing.

I sure hope that the next episode does not savage Hurley's character too much. I have not quite digested the dark Charlie yet.

m said...

thanks for the tip susan. i just made my first post on post secret.

NFlanders said...

I agree with Hellmut. Hurley is my second-most favorite character (after Locke). The Charlie storyline this year has been a disappointment to me.

M-- I love Netflix too; Maude and I have been on it for a couple years. Unfortunately, I fell a little out of love when I heard about a lawsuit pending against them.

Apparently, they fast-track new customers so they get their discs extra-fast, and they also speed them to you if you haven't sent one in recently. The flip-side is that they slow down your discs if you are sending them back constantly.

Granted, that isn't much of a problem for me and Maude. We're lucky if we get around to watching five movies a month. But it's the principle.

Hellmut said...

I actually cited you, m, on my blog. But that was before I knew that it was you.

Cheers, Hellmut

m said...

yeah, we suck at sending movies back to netflix. we'll watch one, and then have it sitting on the shelf for a week before we realize we forgot to send it in.

hopefully my wife will have watched every lame romantic comedy that exists w/in the next few months so that we can get more of the movies i want to see. i swear she picks the worst stuff!

john scherer said...

Post secret is hilarious. But how about a warning next time we link to a place where we just might see a naked man on the commode :) .

m said...

hellmut, that actually wasn't me. just trying to be funny. although i always tell my wife that i feel like a lesbian trapped in a man's body.

Beijing said...

You might find this a fun timesuck:

It lets you draw Southparkized versions of yourself and others. No artistic skill needed.

Hellmut said...

Thank heaven, Hurley is alright. I don't know about his love life though.

annegb said...

Have you seen Prison Break? That's my guilty pleasure.

David J said...

Me and Mrs. David J are totally hooked on 24. We've been renting all the old episodes to get caught up, and have stayed up until 1:00 AM several times to get there. Lots of fun, methinks.

Last week, I liked the tension between Locke and the guy "locked" in the armory and how it played against Locke's past with his "dad," except the roles were switched. Very cool.

Stephen said...

Don't I wish I had time for some of those things ... though I did get to see two episodes of Lost (the one where they find the dead bodies next to the transmitter and the one where they opened the hatch).

Is there a good summary somewhere?

danithew said...

Netflix is great. We only get one movie at a time but that's really all we need.

gst said...

You should rent the first few seasons of "The Shield." Heartwarming and wonderful.